Air Jordan 1

    Jordan. A legendary name for an equally legendary brand. Do you want to add a sporty yet casual touch to your look? Then don't miss out on a brand that has inspired respect and excellence since its creation! This collection is one of Nike's most prestigious, and its success has only grown over the years. The brand has never rested on its laurels, diversifying the products it offers to men, women and children alike. It's a brand that follows in the footsteps of the sportsmen and women to whom it's linked. Always one step ahead!

    Jordan, legendary trainers

    The American brand is first and foremost a pair of trainers that are a must-have for all basketball fans and more. Produced in 1984 for his 'Majesty' MJ when he entered the NBA, these trainers were marketed to the general public a few months later with the success we all know. Offering different models over the years. Countless models have become emblematic in the world of sneakers, and young and old alike are fans!